6mm (Double Side Screens) 4FT x 8FT (Full color) LED Digital Sign Board


Sides Screen:
Screen Sizes:


Experience the pinnacle of innovation with our advanced LED sign, setting new industry standards. Featuring P6 tightly-spaced LEDs, our sign offers unrivaled detail in animations, videos, graphics, and text. We recommend sizes of either 4FT (48”) height by 8FT (96”) length or 5FT (60”) height by 10FT (120”) length, making it perfect for a range of establishments including churches, restaurants, hospitals, schools, hotels, and businesses. Prepare to amaze even the most discerning eyes with its impressive resolution. Our LED sign is ideal for showcasing advanced animated messages, intricate motion graphics, and dynamic videos. Its high visibility ensures maximum impact near traffic, city streets, busy intersections, and areas with heavy vehicle traffic. With meticulous engineering, our signs guarantee precise heat management, structural stability, as well as resistance to corrosion, water, and wind. Rest assured, each unit undergoes thorough burn-in and stringent quality tests, ensuring top-notch performance and durability.


  • Comprehensive 5-Year Warranty on Parts for Your Purchase
  • Wide 140 Degree Horizontal / 120 Degree Vertical View Angle
  • Captivating 4,000 Quintillion Colors that make images and text come alive with vibrant and crisp light
  • Designed to withstand Extreme Weather conditions
  • Incorporates Brightness sensor technology for automatic dimming based on ambient light levels, reducing light pollution and extending LED lifespan
  • High Brightness of 10,000 NITS for enhanced visibility
  • Exceptional Lifespan of 100,000 Hours for long-lasting performance
  • Energy Efficient operation to minimize power consumption
  • Most Effective for capturing attention of passing traffic traveling between 30-75 mph
  • Highly visible in areas with busy intersections or high vehicle traffic
  • Ensures clarity and readability even under bright sunlight
  • 100% front service and front open access for easy maintenance (both options available)
  • Modular design for flexibility in installation and configuration
  • Available in different Pitch options: P6, P8, P10, and P16