ULsigns.com is dedicated to providing exceptional support for you and your LED Digital sign. As soon as your LED Digital sign arrives, our team of dedicated Customer Service Professionals is here to assist you and answer all your questions. We offer ongoing access to technical phone support for the entire duration of your display ownership. With ULsigns.com, you can be confident that we'll be there to support you for years to come.

Our LED digital signs from ULsigns.com come with a warranty of 5 years. We prioritize the use of high-quality components in manufacturing our LED digital signs and spare no expense in ensuring their reliability.

So, what kind of service, maintenance, and technical support can you expect?

You can count on comprehensive support from ULsigns.com during and after the installation of your sign. This includes the following:

  • Training on software and hardware.
  • Provision of spare parts.
  • Responsive customer support to address your inquiries.
  • Access to continually updated online resources.
  • An exceptional 5-year warranty.

Our warranty covers the replacement of failed electronic parts and accessories. Throughout the warranty period, our aim is to keep you stocked with spare parts and accessories, ensuring immediate fixes for any issues with your LED digital sign. There's no need to wait for us to ship spare parts. Once your LED digital sign is repaired, you can return the old part to us, and we'll promptly ship out new parts with free shipping and no additional charges for the spare parts and accessories. Even after your warranty period ends, you have the option to extend the warranty or purchase spare parts at an exclusive rate. We are committed to supporting our customers beyond warranty coverage to ensure complete satisfaction with our product and service.

Our mission statement is to deliver quality LED digital signs and innovative services that solve problems, exceed expectations, and generate lasting value for our dealers, business partners, and end-user customers. This mission drives us to consistently provide outstanding products and support to meet your needs.